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The CrossPad is one of the most funny and interesting devices I have purchased in recent years: Interesting idea, tons of uses and from time to time the slight notion that its practical impact may be less to zero. Or much to 100%. Or...

A Google search for CrossPad related pages or sites brings up almost nothing actual, but CrossPads trade at eBay USA above 100$ per item.

A good reason to start a group!

So: There seems to be demand, but no incarnation of it on the Web. Which is a good reason to start a user group for the CrossPad, years after it was discontinued in 2001, years before it will disappear, and years between where one might discover ever new uses of the CrossPad.

Reasons fair enough: Join the CrossPad Users Group by going to the Crosspad Group hosted at Yahoo!Groups.

And let's trade some stories, share experiences, find other users on- and offline and take a close hard look at other fun stuff developed by A.T.Cross' Pen Computing Group (and put a light in the window for them, as even their former domain name cross-pcg.com is now obviously under ownership of an outlet called DomainSpa.com, as a Google search for "CrossPad" reveals brutally & prominently -- sic transit gloria mundi...).

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